Bests of 2017


[Biggest Lesson of 2017]

When you run your own business, there is no escaping it. I try my best to put out content for you guys while still keeping some sort of privacy in my personal life, but it's something I always have trouble balancing. 

As much I would like this to be MY bests of 2017, I can't escape the fact that I AM GC Performance Training.

From not knowing what content to put out, to having some of my articles recognized by some big names in the industry.

From clients getting injured to athletes hitting their lifetime bests after weeks and weeks of hard preparation.

Day in, day out. It's always a rollercoaster ride.

I'm thankful for the clients and athletes that have given me a chance to work with them, so that I can put food on the table, enjoy the hobbies I enjoy and be part of their journey.

[GCPT Athlete Of The Year] - Mark xu

Mark Xu is a 74kg Junior BCPA Powerlifter

Mark Xu is a 74kg Junior BCPA Powerlifter

This one was a hard one to pick. Everyone worked hard this year but Mark takes the cake on this one.

He has: Been injured, discouraged from training, dealt with his last year in high school, graduated high school, accepted in a University, remarkably improved his lifting technique and have gotten way stronger than before. All in 1 year.

He's one of my youngest athletes, and it's been a pleasure watching him develop into a more confident athlete. Look forwards to the next year with you bro.

Not taking anything away from everyone else on the GCPT team. I love you all.

[Best Articles Of The Year From GCPT]

5 Part Periodization Series -

If there's one thing I think about every day, it's physical/mental development and preparation. That's all periodization really is, planning to develop and prepare in the most effective way possible given past training history and emerging information.

I was (and still am) tired of coaches arguing back and forth on the types of periodization and getting all worked up on specific terms and methodologies so I put a lot of hours writing this article series on periodization to get my thoughts out. If you have time and want to learn more about physical and mental preparation, as well as the variables and nuances involved, please give it a read.

Here are some of my top articles by category:

Powerlifting - "Building Your Base In Powerlifting" 

Nutrition - "Nutritional Periodization" 

MMA & Combat Sports - "High Performance Training For MMA - Experts Weigh In" 

General Fitness - "The Current State Of The Fitness & Training"

[Most Memorable Moment of 2017]

My favorite moment (moments, really) has to be traveling to Asia after 5 years of not leaving North America. It was the first time going on "vacation" since I started my dream of owning a training and coaching business.

Got the chance to experience Japanese and Thai culture & food, as well as revisit the motherland (Hong Kong). Thanks to online coaching, I'm able to keep in touch with my athletes even while i'm away.

Looking forward to more trips in 2018 ;)

[Goals For 2018]

I look to better myself physically and mentally every year, so 2018 will be no different. I've been gradually practicing more and more martial arts this year, and that will definitely pick up in the upcoming year.

Muscle mass, strength, power, endurance, sport-specific skills... I want all of it. ALL OF IT. Bring it on, bro.

Special thanks to all my clients and athletes. Coaches that have helped me improve this year. All of my followers (I've been able to grow from 240 followers to 745 on my GC Performance Training page. Thanks for the love!).

Happy new year!