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Bas Rutten Hitting a Heavy Bag on Fight Science (show).

Bas Rutten Hitting a Heavy Bag on Fight Science (show).

In a "what have you done for me lately" sport, injuries and botched performances can make or break a fighter's career. From Cain's atrocious 200lb kettlebell swings, to Tony Ferguson's back-breaking deadlifts, bad training methods and protocols are everywhere. Luckily, there are great coaches and trainers that are changing the way fighters prepare and perform.

As a coach that aspires to train elite MMA athletes, I love learning about what goes into the preparation of elite MMA athletes and how it stacks up with my own training philosphies. 

You understand striking, you understand grappling, you understand the consequences and the excitement of MMA. Nothing better to round off your knowledge than understanding fight preparation and physical performance science. Regular and hardcore fans alike will find these conversations interesting and can even be an eye opener for some. If you love sports science and if you love MMA, these are for you. Below are my favorite podcasts interviewing the top names in the world of MMA.

PJ Nestler (Preparation coach for BJJ champions)

Corey Peacock (Preparation coach for Rumble, Suga, Mitrione, Michael Chandler)

Danny Lennon's Performance Nutrition For Fighters - Common Mistakes:

Dr. Doug Kalman (Performance nutritionist for former Blackzillians)

Joel Jamieson (Strength & Conditioning coach to Mighty Mouse)

Loren Landow (Preparation coach for TJ Dillasnake)

Chad Macias (Preparation coach for Phil Davis, Gastelum and others at Alliance MMA)

Phil Daru (Preparation coach at American Top Team)

Brett Bartholomew (Coach for many fighters at Unbreakable Performance - Rockhold, Faber, Ferguson, etc)

Jon Chaimberg (S&C Coach for GSP)

If you follow my blog, you'll know I've also written some of my own articles on MMA Strength & Conditioning: Part 1, Part 2. (I'm not sure when I'll get to "finish" off the series).