Amazing Feats Of Strength

Amazing Feats of Strength

We, as trainers and trainees in the fitness industry sometimes have a really biased and skewed perspective of what is considered "strong". With the rise of barbell sports like Crossfit, powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, it can be easy to forget other forms of strength, beyond the barbell, beyond just numbers.

I get it, lifting a massive amount of weight/external load is impressive and it shows how far our humans neuromuscular system can be pushed. However, one must not forget that strength is specific and involves other variables such as coordination and timing. With that said here are some amazing displays of strength, ranging from powerlifting, all the way to martial arts.

Powerlifting: Ray William's 1005lb Squat

Olympic Weightlifting: Alexey Lochev's 582lb Clean & Jerk

Strongman: Mariusz Pudzianowski's Plane Pull

Strongman: Haftthor Bjornsson's 640kg Log Lift

Wrestling: Aleksandr Karelin

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Gymnastics: Yuri Van Gelder (Rings)

Rock Climbing: Alex Honnold

Mixed Martial Arts: Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier flips 6'4'' Alexander Gustafsson.

Daniel Cormier flips 6'4'' Alexander Gustafsson.