Online Training Testimonials


Brent COLLAGE.png

Brent B.
Real estate agent

Online training is simple and much cheaper. Only down side is if you have an immediate question it may not be able to be answered right away, definitely worth the trade off.

Communication was good. Most times I got answers right away. Was better then I was expecting

The biggest takeaway was lifting in safer ways so I can continue training without running into little injuries as frequently as I would when training on my own. Anyone who wants a cheaper alternative to in-person training, this is the way to go.
— Brent B. Real Estate Agent


Amos S.

I’ve been working with you (Geoffrey Chiu of GC Performance Training) since late- March 2017.

I thought the communication between trainee and coach was very good. I talked to Geoffrey through Facebook Messenger during or after every training session and sent videos to him from almost every training session in which he would give comments on. I felt involved in the process, and that Geoffrey was very approachable.

I have made several adjustments in the technique of my squat, bench, and deadlift since working with Geoffrey that have helped me move more weight. The biggest change in my training since working with Geoffrey however, is the length of my training sessions. Back when I programmed myself, my training sessions would last 4-4.5 hours (sometimes even longer) and I would do that 5-6 days a week. I now usually only train 2.5ish hours and only 4 days a week. Even with the drastic difference in time I put in training, I’ve made progress if not more progress than I did before when I programmed myself. My training schedule is now more sustainable and I have more time to do other things.

Yes, I would recommend and have already recommended Geoffrey to friends and training partners, because of my six month experience working with him.
— Amos S. Powerlifter

As a somewhat experienced lifter who has been self-coached for many years, I was getting to a point in my lifting where I found it increasingly difficult to progress on a consistent basis, which led to my decision to hire Geoff. I am more than happy with my decision.

He is quick to respond and genuinely cares about not only the performance of his athletes, but also their wellbeing – mental and physical. He is more than just a coach; I would consider him a mentor and a friend as well.

Geoff brings not only practical knowledge and coaching experience from his time spent working with other athletes, but possess a wealth of academic knowledge to which is he is constantly expanding through research.

Geoff’s programming is highly individualized to the lifter’s ability, experience and relative strengths and weaknesses. You will never receive a cookie cutter template from him. I look forward to collaborating with him for many months to come.
— Edwin L. Strength Athlete

edwin l. 


Brodie B.
STrength athlete

Coaches feedback was awesome. The whole layout was simple and easy to use.i also appreciated that Geoff included the athletes overall goal, as this is often easily forgotten by the athlete him/herself.

Communication was always clear, in depth, and with a quick response. Geoff also listens to the athlete and trailers the program to his/her specific needs. I recently started a labour job, and Geoff immediately took overall volume/intensity down a notch as per my request.

I learned that you do not have to kill yourself mentally/physically in order to make progress in and out of the gym. The gym is a part of your life. It should be a de stressor. Treat it as such.

The flexibility, communication, and results that I received from training with Geoff is hard to come by. And the prices are very reasonable. 10/10 would recommend.
— Brodie B. Strength Athlete


Alan l.
STrength athlete

Geoff is a great coach. Really kind, patient guy. Super knowledgeable, knows what adjustments to make, when to make them, provides great stretches, warmups, exercises for all kinds of scenarios whether it be one thing that’s bothering you or another thing that could help you with a lift, improve mobility, technique, form, flexibility, and so on.

He’s very encouraging as well and definitely an inspiring and motivational coach. I’ve only been working with him for a short amount of time and he’s already drastically improved all of my lifts and helped me make some nice progress. This guy will help take you above and beyond your goals. Thanks a lot man!
— Alan L. Track & Strength Athlete


Wendy Y.
Masters Lifter and Provincial Record Holder

As a lifter with experience but a busy schedule, the online programming worked well for me. I felt confident in the exercises that I didn’t feel the need to have someone hover over me, watching every move; the programme delivered online meant that I could go through it at my convenience and not have to schedule a training session in my already packed week.

I felt the communication was open and easily accessible. Feedback was immediate; no question or concern was left unaddressed.

The biggest take-away point for me was that one can train sub-maximally though out the entire training cycle and still perform well when it counted. Oh, and those boring, piddly, non-exerises that most of us tend to skip DO really matter and that we shouldn’t ignore them. :)

I would most definitely recommend Geoff to anyone looking for a structured, well-thought out programme. He understands the needs of his client and tailors the programme so that the client reaches their goals.
— Wendy Yamazaki, School Teacher & Powerlifting Athlete


Samuel G.
Provincially Ranked Strongman, Powerlifter and Bobsleigh Athlete

As a competitive Powerlifter, I’m very picky about who I work with. Having worked with several trainers over the years, I’ve learned about what makes a valuable trainer. I’ve been working with Geoff for 2 years now and he’s helped me take my performance a long way, in that timespan. He’s also educated me, considerably.

Geoff has a passion for this sport and fitness, in general. He is enthusiastic about helping people achieve their full potential. Besides the passion he brings to the table, he has a brilliant mind for practical programming. He’s analytical, well read and has many tools in his arsenal, for whatever the job may be.

Whatever your goals are, I’m confident in Geoff’s ability to help you achieve and surpass them
— Samuel Glennie, Personal Trainer and Strength Athlete

Henry Vu Picture.jpg

Henry V.
BC Provincial Champion

Provincial Record Holder

I think the online training system is very practical and efficient. It is easy to navigate and very straight forward.

The communication was definitely sufficient. Daily check ups from the coach and always accommodating to my needs whether it be training or personal ones. Coach Chiu is very approachable and non-judgemental. He takes in consideration of all his athletes and knows how to take constructive criticism and applying it.

My biggest takeaways from training with Geoff were: trusting the process, listening to your body, being patient, and the accumulation of hard work always pays off regardless of the outcome.

I would (and do) recommend all my peers to Coach Chiu. One of the most knowledgable and approachable coaches at a VERY decent price. Geoffrey does it all from strength, athletic performance, mobility, nutrition, and overall fitness. I can also guarantee satisfaction from my personal experience!
— Henry V, UBC Kin Student and Strength Athlete

Ed L.
Gym Owner
Personal Trainer
Strength Athlete

Geoff can spot the faults in your movements from a mile away. He has an eye for detail and is exceptional in program planning and strength coaching. He legit knows his stuff inside and out, not just regurgitate things he read from a book. His programming has never failed to disappoint me.
— Ed L. Gym Owner and Strength Athlete

Jerry P.
Recreational Lifter
Aspiring Powerlifter

The online training system is good and easy to read. The communication is great and I received great feedback from Geoff.

Through training, I have learned proper techniques to squat, deadlift, and bench. I would recommend Geoff to anyone because his system works and brings the best out of people.
— Jerry P. Student and Strength Athlete