In-Person Training Testimonials




Geoff and I started working out with goals of increasing my shoulder & hip mobility. Geoff is a great trainer, very sociable and really creates a comfortable environment to work towards my goals.

Throughout my time training with Geoff, I’ve found that he does a very good job of working in both new and old drills. So I can measure my success based on how I’m doing with the drills we started with, while at the same time pushing my self achieving success in other exercises.

I would definitely recommend to a friend or family. In fact I’ve already had friends asking about the work I do with Geoff and wondering if they can become clients of his.
— Liam B. Lacrosse Player & Student Athlete


Trudy t.

Geoff and I have been working together for a couple months now and my main goal was to get my proper form down as well as learning new workout exercises/routines. Even though its only been a couple of months, I can already see a big difference in my strength and form and I am pleased with my progress so far!

It was evident that I was stronger from being able to increase the weights in my exercises and I definitely saw that my arms were more toned.

I would definitely recommend Geoff to a friend or family (I brought my sister!) because he is very patient and an extremely encouraging trainer. He constantly motivated me to push my limits and the results are absolutely rewarding. Hands down I would recommend Geoff to anyone that is looking for professional trainer to give their fitness life a boost!
— Trudy T.

Nicole H.jpg

Nicole H.

I have been working out with Geoff for almost two years. My main focus is to get stronger for weight lifting and to tone my muscles. Geoff is very patient and dedicated to his clients. He genuinely cares about the growth of his clients and checks up on them on and off the clock.

My body started becoming toned and I could feel myself getting stronger on a weekly basis. My biggest takeaway would be that there is no such thing as being “too busy” for the gym. If you’re dedicated to seeing results, you will make time to train. I learned this lesson the hard way, when I took a big break from working out due to school and lost most of my strength.

Geoff listens to exactly what clients are asking for, he is patient and dedicated to his clients on and off the clock.
— Nicole H. Fitness Enthusiast & Student


Martin L.

Geoff and I have been working together for a year. Our goals were to grow stronger in my core and explosiveness to help me on the tennis court. It has helped immensely especially during the summer when matches are longer and more tiring due to the heat. The results have been as I hoped, as I achieved one of my tennis goals in the summer.

One of my takeaways has been how important it is to rest in between intervals during a workout, and how there are more ways to growing stronger than lifting weights all the time.
— Martin Lorayes, International Junior Tennis Player

Darryl W.

I have been training with Geoff for the past year and witnessed tremendous gains in my vertical leap. When it comes to sports performance, Geoff leaves all nonsense out and gets straight to the point.

Geoff is passionate about fitness and always creates personalized workout plans to help me push me to my limits. Through his consistent encouragement I have lost fat and gained more muscle mass.
— Darryl Wong, Competitive Basketball Player

See what others have to say:

Geoff and I have been working together for 1-2 years.
My main goal was to improve my core strength to help alleviate constant back pain.
The results have been outstanding. My back is relatively pain-free due to my core being stronger from the focus Geoff has given me.

The biggest take away has been the knowledge I have gained regarding my core and how it relates to my back. I really appreciate the way Geoff concentrates on technique. It is so easy to injure yourself when doing new exercises but Geoff makes sure everyone’s technique is correct.

I would definitely recommend Geoff to anyone I speak to about training. He is well organized and the exercises flow with purpose.
— Graeme Kiss. Group Fitness Client
*Goals: be stronger; more toned; have fun
*Service: encouraging; learning the proper ways to do the exercises.

Fitness class has a great atmosphere. I like the fun and encouraging teaching style. I also feel healthier and stronger.
— Linda Wong, School Teacher & Group Fitness Client