Free 8 week deadlift program

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version 1.1

8 week deadlift programming utilizing block pulls and clusters sets

Deadlifting frequency is 2x/week

Designed for Intermediate and Advanced lifters, but can be adapted for Beginners.


Why block pulls?
Block pulls are primary used for strengthening the lockout portion of a competition-style deadlift. However, in this program, block pulls are used to keep the intensity high throughout the program without the added fatigue of performing an extra day of full range of motion deadlifts. Another goal is to get the lifter accommodated to a higher % of their 1RM in Week 1-4 (high volume weeks) before touching heavier weights in Week 5-8.

Why cluster sets?
Cluster sets are sets with built in rest in between reps. The short rest/reset allows lifters to lift more repetitions with any given intensity (% of 1RM) within a set, effectively increasing the neural stress put onto the body. In theory, this will be translate to bigger strength gains when testing a 1RM.

What do I do with my Squat and Bench Press?
I briefly explain this in the Excel sheet.